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Fundamental System, the : Bad Feet, Bad Spine

By: Ashton, Roy Stanley

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Health Research: 1960

Edition: Second Edition; Fourth Printing

Seller ID: 18264

130 pages; 8vo (8.5") 22 cm; Yellow softcover, black plastic comb binding, 130 pages, 41 b/w photos and diagrams. ; Originally published in 1937. This is 2nd edition, 1949, 4th printing, 1960. Author (who holds the following degrees: DC, MC, PhC) explains how simple changes to the patient's manner of walking or standing on the feet can alleviate back pain and improve the condition of the spine. ; Owner name (a Doctor of Surgical Chiropody aka podiatrist) and '1961' p... View more info

Body is a Shell, the ! : The Story of an Unusual Motion Picture about Life after Death and Psychic Experiences

By: Ballbusch, Peter

Price: $12.00

Publisher: White Knight Productions;: 1956

Seller ID: 19021

55 pages; 8vo (9.5") 25 cm; Red softcover booklet, front cover illustrated in white and black, 55 glossy pages, 20 b/w photos. ; Psychic experiences and communication with spirits of the dead. This book was apparently published to promote a film of the same name. Book has b/w photos and brief bios of cast and crew, blow-by-blow description of film's hair-raising plot, and true stories from author's encounters with real psychics. ; Published by White Knight Production... View more info

Image for Spirit, Soul and Body :   (Signed) Three Sunday Morning Sermons

Spirit, Soul and Body : (Signed) Three Sunday Morning Sermons

By: Barker, Raymond Charles

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Raymond Charles Barker: 1955

Edition: First Edition

Inscription: Signed by Author

Seller ID: 19008

29 pages; 12mo (7.75") 20 cm; White softcover booklet, 29 pages, 3 sermons plus several short Bible readings. Inside front cover SIGNED by author in a large hand. ; 1st edition, May, 1955, stated. Raymond Charles Barker was minister of the First Church of Religious Science, New York City. ; Covers show just a touch of foxing. Typo on pg 20 neatly corrected in pencil. No other defects. Scarce. View more info

Who Reigns on Your Parade ? : Self Help Guide Intergrating the Bach Flowers to Remedy the Co-Dependent

By: Bear, Jessica; Illustrated by Pam Callaway

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Balancing Essentials Press: 1990

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 17401

122 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; Tall softcover, white plastic Velo-bind (report-style) binding, [vi] + 122 pages, a few b/w tables and diagrams. ; Written by PhD doctor of naturopathy. Copyright 1990. ; 'Learn how the Bach Flower Remedies can release trapped emotions and re-awaken the natural personality to discover, accept, and express its limitless God-given power.' ; Only a touch of shelfwear. Appears unused. Scarce. View more info

Beauty Recipes : Cosmetics You Can Whip Up at Home ; over 100 Natural Beauty Aids at a Cost of Pennies

By: Briskin, Lauretta S., with Murray Briskin

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Dell Publishing Company: 1971

Seller ID: 14688

64 pages; 24mo (5.25") 13 cm; Small softcover booklet (3.5 x 5.25 inches) 89 x 131 mm, pink covers, 64 pages, 112 recipes. ; Cover photo by George Janoff. ; Written by wife of pharmacist, who, with help of husband, schemed to save money on cosmetics by making her own. ; Covers slightly discolored, with minor edgewear. Interior clean, binding tight. Quite scarce. ; Dell Purse Books Series; Vol. 464 View more info

Study of Women Influentials in Three Michigan Communities, a : Their Attitudes Towards and Perceived Ability to Influence Adult Education Practices, a Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy, University of Michigan

By: Brown, Anna Caroline Baker

Price: $65.00

Publisher: Anna Caroline Baker Brown: 1963

Seller ID: 10474

320 pages; 4to (11.5") 30 cm; Hardcover, [xii] + 320 pages printed one side only, 10 appendixes, 46 tables, 9 figures and illustrations, all the usual footnotes. Bound in extremely heavy-duty black buckram cloth ringless binder. Author address label affixed to spine, as found. ; Complete title: 'A Study of Women Influentials in Three Michigan Communities: Their Attitudes Towards and Perceived Ability to Influence Adult Education Practices, a Dissertation for Doctor o... View more info

Image for Highlights of Templar History

Highlights of Templar History

By: Brown, William Moseley

Price: $47.00

Publisher: William Mitchell Printing Company: 1944

Seller ID: 20032

87 pages; 8vo (9.25") 23 cm; Hardcover, dark brown cloth, gilt lettering and knight on front, 87 glossy pages, chronology of Templars in US from 1769 to 1816, 16 b/w photos and illustrations including chart showing development of Freemasonry and Templars from ancient times to today (in French) otherwise all text is English. ; Published under auspices, Grand Encampment, Knights Templar, United States of America. Foreword by Charles Noah Orr. Preface by author, with An... View more info

Leaves from Conjurers ' Scrap Books : Or, Modern Magicians and Their Works

By: Burlingame, Hardin J.

Price: $34.00

Publisher: Singing Tree Press: 1971

Seller ID: 20313

274 pages; 8vo (9") 23 cm; Hardcover, dark red cloth, 274 pages, index, appendix, several historical photos and b/w line illustrations with captions. ; Originally published by Chicago: Donohue, Henneberry and Company, 1891. This is an exact unabridged facsimile reprint, 1971. ; Topics include: American conjurers. Conjurers abroad. Hypnosis. Mind reading. Second sight. Vanishing lady. Decapitation. East Indian fakirs. Many more famous tricks and illusions and their se... View more info

Real American Tragedy, The

By: Burtis, C. Edward, with Lee S. Roberts

Price: $17.00

Publisher: Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research: 1960

Edition: Second Printing

Seller ID: 18278

262 pages; 8vo (8.5") 22 cm; Hardcover, dark red buckram cloth, 262 + [iv] pages, endnotes, bibliography. Warmly inscribed and dated 26 May 1961 and SIGNED by Lee S. Roberts. ; Copyright 1959. This is 2nd printing, 1960. Foreword by Lee S. Roberts (aka Dr. Royal Lee) president of the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From jacket blurb: 'Here is the real story behind the rapid degeneration of American's young men, the boom in the tranquili... View more info

Cure for all Cancers, the : Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured

By: Clark, Hulda Regher

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New Century Press: 1993

Seller ID: 19986

623 pages; 8vo (8.5") 23 cm; 623 pages. ; Blurb: 'New research findings show there is a single cure for all cancers. This book provides exact instructions for their cure. Plus two revolutionary electronic circuits, one to diagnose and monitor progress, the other to zap parasites and bacteria.' ; No defects. Still in original shrinkwrap. View more info

Image for As It Is To Be :  Scientific Spiritualism and Heavenly Powers

As It Is To Be : Scientific Spiritualism and Heavenly Powers

By: Daniels, Cora Linn; Illustrated by Hammatt Billings

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Cora Linn Daniels: 1892

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 15907

258 pages; 16mo (6") 15 cm; Small hardcover, 6 inches tall, pale gray-green cloth, gilt lettering and decor, pale yellow endpapers, 258 pages, b/w frontispiece portrait photo of author on glossy plate, sidenotes, 9 b/w illustrations by Hammatt Billings, Mark Forrest and others, 258 pages plus plus ad for author's other book, the novel Sardis. ; This is a real book from 1892, not a flimsy softbound reprint. Published by author, 1892. No additional printings. ; Amazing... View more info

Mohave Ethnopsychiatry : The Psychic Disturbances of an Indian Tribe

By: Devereux, George

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press: 1969

Edition: Second Printing

Seller ID: 20146

597 pages; 8vo (9.25") 24cm; Thick hardcover, black cloth, 597 pages, 140 case studies, index, bibliography, footnotes, several b/w figures, diagrams, and tables in text, ; Copyright 1961, formerly titled 'Mohave Ethnopsychiatry and Suicide : The Psychiatric Knowledge and the Psychic Disturbances of an Indian Tribe', based on material collected in 1930s, with new corrigenda and several addenda. 'Study of abnormal [sic] behavior found in one primitive culture'. This i... View more info

Image for Science of Happiness :  A Manual of all Super Mind Power, Projecting Infallible Laws of the Universe

Science of Happiness : A Manual of all Super Mind Power, Projecting Infallible Laws of the Universe

By: Drury, P. F

Price: $33.00

Publisher: Institute of Comparative Metaphysics: 1942

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 19019

48 pages; 8vo (8") 21 cm; Softcover booklet, blue leatherette covers, 48 pages. ; Gives the reader the 'Seven Seeds of Wisdom' by which he or she may attain true happiness. ; Exterior shows faint sunning to top edge and spine. No other defects. Crisp and tight. Quite scarce. View more info

Solar Plexus or Abdomenal Brain, The

By: Dumont, Theron Q. (William Walker Atkinson)

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Advanced Thought Publishing Company: 1918

Seller ID: 17325

64 pages; 16mo (6") 15 cm; Small softcover booklet, blue-green leatherette covers, [iv] + 64 + 20 pages. ; Apparently published by author, 1918. Topics: Four brains of man. Emotional control. Vitality and health. Awakening the solar plexus (man's fourth brain). More. ; We have graded this item Fair. Edgewear to covers. Pages yellowed from age but not brittle. A few leaves missing tips, none affecting any text. No marks or scribbles. Binding tight. Quite scarce. Sold ... View more info

Adventures in Memory and Concentration

By: Furst, Bruno, and Lotte Furst

Price: $13.00

Publisher: Memory & Concentration Studies: 1966

Seller ID: 17233

24 pages; 12mo (7.5") 19 cm; Softcover booklet, red illustrated covers, 24 pages, 8 b/w photos. ; Copyright 1960. This edition 1966. Promotional item for author's famous publication, You Can Remember: A Home Study Course in Memory and Concentration. ; No defects. Crisp. Quite scarce in any condition. View more info

Image for Magic of Breath Power, The

Magic of Breath Power, The

By: Gaines, Thomas Robert

Price: $21.00

Publisher: Concord Press: 1935

Seller ID: 19057

46 pages; 8vo (9") 23 cm; Dark green softcover, velveteen covers, 46 pages. ; Author was Official Breathing Instructor for New York City Police Training Academy. Book describes vitalic breathing exercises for walking, helping with nervousness, insomnia, hernia, bad posture, relaxation, etc. ; Exterior lightly sunned, small chip to crown, faint crease to lower front tip. Pages a bit yellowed from age. Binding tight. Quite scarce. View more info

Satan's Disciples : A Modern History of Satanism and Witchcraft from the Middle Ages to the Present Day (Paperback Original, 1962)

By: Goldston, Robert C.

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Company: 1962

Edition: Paperback Original

Seller ID: 14524

189 pages; 12mo (7.25") 19 cm; Paperback, 189 pages, bibliography. ; Author conflates witchcraft and satanism and proceeds to give concise history of both. Topics include: Black mass. Ancient witchcraft. Witch's pharmacopeia. Satanism in the church. Famous necromancers. Persecution of witches. Witch hunters in America. More. ; Exterior worn. Pages tanned from age, several with small edge chips. Everything readable. Binding tight and square. Scarce. ; Ballantine BB F ... View more info

Mysteries of all Nations, the : Rise and Progress of Superstition, Laws Against and Trials of Witches, Ancient and Modern Delusions, Together with Strange Customs, Fables, and Tales

By: Grant, James

Price: $21.00

Publisher: Gale Research Company: 1971

Seller ID: 20320

640 pages; 8vo (9") 23 cm; Hardcover, dark blue cloth, [xxviii] + 640 pages, no index but the table of contents is micro-detailed. ; Originally published 1880. This is a beautiful high-quality facsimile reprint, 1971. ; Focuses on early superstitions mainly in the British Isles and parts of Europe, their antiquity, their influence on literature, etc. ; Complete subtitle: 'Rise and Progress of Superstition, Laws Against and Trials of Witches, Ancient and Modern Delusi... View more info

Crime : Its Nature, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention (1st Edition, Signed)

By: Green, Sanford M.

Price: $145.00

Publisher: J. B. Lippincott Company: 1889

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 20075

346 pages; 8vo (8.5") 23 cm; Hardcover, brown cloth, gilt lettering, dark brown endpapers, b/w frontispiece photo of author on glossy plate with tissue guard, 346 pages + 14-page publisher catalog in rear. ; 1st edition, 1889. Same date. ; Sanford M. Green (1807-1901) was a state legislator, a justice on Michigan Supreme Court, and an avid Universalist; his treatise on crime prevention remains somewhat ahead of its time, preaching what is now known as restorative jus... View more info

Born to Lose or Born to Choose

By: Hoekstra, Ray (Chaplain Ray)

Price: $13.00

Publisher: Prisoners Broadcast: 1978

Seller ID: 18253

48 pages; 8vo (8.5") 22 cm; Green and white softcover booklet, 48 pages, 27 b/w photos including covers. ; Death-row prison chaplain helps convince young men to turn to Christ and avoid a life of crime. Includes much on the murder of state highway patrolman Harry B. Ray in South Carolina in 1958 and the executions of Otis Britt and Douglas Westbury for the crime. ; Only a touch of wear. View more info