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11 Reasons Why Shopping at is Better than Shopping at Amazon

   1. is The Bookstore at the Center of the Universe. It is owned and operated by a cooperative of independent bookdealers (click here for more on our history) and has remained true to its goal to be a simple website where booklovers and bookdealers can come together and conduct business the old fashioned way.

2. Talk to a real person before you buy. Our dealers may be contacted by phone, email, or even snail mail. No need to go through a third party to get your questions answered.

3. Dedicated to books. is for used books, periodicals, paper ephemera and related media. That's what we know and love. We do not sell washing machines, car insurance, scented candles or anything like that.

4. More hard-to-find books. does not filter, block, or discriminate against any books or any keywords. Amazon does.

5. No gimmicks, no click-bait. Just good old-fashioned bookselling. does not burden you with offers for a million other products while you browse.

6. Serious specialists. Many of our dealers are experts in their fields. Pick their brains!

7. Less expensive books. Amazon charges its bookdealers commissions, monthly fees, variable closing fees, etc., and many of their vendors raise their prices on that site to compensate. Often you can find the same book listed at for a much lower price.

8. Independence. Because is dealer owned and operated, you always know who you're dealing with. We are not subject to mergers, buyouts, or corporate shenanigans. If you are one of the growing number of consumers who are committed to buying from independent stores and mom-and-pop shops, is the place for you.

9. No stock photos. Amazon displays images of books which may be new or used, top condition or poor condition, and may even show a different edition than what is listed for sale. dealers use actual images of the actual books they offer for sale (apart from rare cases where the dealer has multiple identical units of the same title). In this way you will always know exactly what you're getting before you buy.

10. No fake books; no mega-listers. Some so-called bookdealers list thousands, even millions of titles but have no actual books in stock. After you order, they scramble to find something to ship to you. Sometimes you get what you ordered, sometimes you get something different, and sometimes you don't get anything at all (click here for more on mega-listers). We at believe this is fraud. We do not allow fake books or mega-listers on our site.

11. High ethical standards. If you run into an unscrupulous dealer on Amazon, there is, of course, a system in place there through which you can get a refund. We here at go one better: we thoroughly screen applicants before they're allowed to join. All our dealers guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and stand by it every day. We have a complaint rate so small it is hardly measurable.

   Sincerely yours, Gwen Foss at Alan's Used Books ~ ~ ~

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